Bangla Earns RM 5000 but Malaysian Earns Less Than RM 3000?


While we bring in more foreign workers into Malaysia, some earning as high as RM5,000 a month, many Malaysians are earning salaries below poverty line.

According to a blogpost by Malay-language site Siakap Keli, a payslip belonging to a Bangladeshi working in KLIA shown him earning over RM5,000 a month! What’s more surprising is that his basic salary is a mere RM900, the rest are all allowances and overtime.

In contrast, Malaysian Insider reported in 2014 that 2 million households, or 28.7% of all households in Malaysia are earning less than RM3,000 a month.

labour work in Malaysia are now mainly manned by workers from foreign countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia

So where is the problem here? Are Malaysians too lazy they are undesirable to employers, or is it that we Malaysians are so arrogant that we rather die of hunger than work in an assembly line?

Both to us are not true, as when forced to a corner, most Malaysians are willing to let of of their ego to earn a living. An example would be an article published just today, about a medical doctor who needed to work odd jobs to support himself, while waiting for houseman posting.

Perhaps we should relook into the unemployment and locals earning below the poverty line, and connect them to employers who are able to better jobs, instead of taking the easy way out and simply hire foreign talents to solve the labour shortage.

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