When i pay parking MONEY, i always get refunded…


When i pay parking MONEY, i always get refunded… by the parking machine! With this trick, there will be no problem!

Just need to hold the parking card and then put the machine to know the cost of parking.
Although this machine is very good, the disadvantage is that it has a high demand for banknotes.
As long as a little wrinkle, or a corner, it may be rejected, let us always worry when giving parking money,
Because the machine refuses to accept it means you need to take a large sheet of paper to change it!

This move must be!

But actually you know? There are solutions to these problems!
According to the photo of the Malaysian page “Be Like Xiao Ming“,
When you give the parking money to the machine and refuse to accept it, you can put the money into the left side and you can do it.
And Xiao Ming also guarantees that this is a 100% feasible method. Many citizens also leave a message below. This method is really ok.
Just a lot of people don’t know it!

In fact, there are a variety of parking machine machines in Malaysia’s parking lots.
And Xiao Ming this method is for the latest models,
Some older machines may not be able to use this method.
Let’s try this method when you get off work!

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