Viral message on TB outbreak in Johor is fake: Health director


The information about 70 cases seen positive for tuberculosis in lots of areas across Johor Bahru, for example Kampung Melayu Majidee Baru and Pandan, that travelled viral on societal networking is bogus, states Johor Health Director doctor Selahuddeen Abd Aziz (preceding ).

He explained the time between January and July 20-19, just 10 cases were reported at the region, and most them were medicated and were closely tracked.

“The section also wants to see that no announcement was issued with the Johor State Health Department on traveling restrictions, including into the areas concerned because of tuberculosis or every infectious illness,” he explained in an announcement now.

Doctor Selahuddeen reported the section advised people to not spread false information that could cause confusion and anxiety among town.

The message, that had opted viral throughout whats app and other societal networking stations, said that there have been 70 people affirmed to function as TB positive in lots of locations and Johor Bahru, also advised that the people to not visit the affected areas in order to prevent getting infected with the air borne disorder.

As stated by the Department of Health, tuberculosis is a result of the pathogenic bacteria’Mycobacterium Tuberculosis’, that will be distributed through fluids extracted by the nose and mouth of tuberculosis patients whenever they cough, talk or Heal.

Patients that were diagnosed with tuberculosis must seek immediate treatment as suggested by Doctor, to Prevent the disease from spreading

Tuberculosis is on the list of set of infectious diseases that have to be reported on the authorities, and can be tracked closely at the Department of Public Health.

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