Msian Lady Helped Boy Who Fell From Motorcycle While Waiting For Ambulance


Facebook user was touched when he saw a social worker coming to the aid of an accident victim without any prejudice, prioritizing humanity above anything. This is his story.

A face book user was relieved if he watched a social worker visiting the assistance of an collision victim with no bias, putting humankind . That is his narrative.
Only occur in Jalan Loke Yew towards Viva Home facing me personally.

Budak nie jatuh dari motor that is sendiri, he corrosion ” I asked for ambulance and phoned 999.

Just now happen in front of me at Jalan Loke Yew towards Viva Home.

Budak nie jatuh sendiri dari motor, he bleeding badly, I called 999 and requested for ambulance.

While awaiting for the ceremony, this sis popup from nowhere and came along with help that particular boy, ” I’m suggesting, she actually don’t observe any race what, she came her beg and get started helping.

And she actually is (chinese) out of selayang.

And there’s few soul there as good helped. She is helper.

She find a way to halt the bleeding till the ambulance came, and also assist him.

Sis, I must say I dun you but believe that soul that is fantastic as if you will god.

Don t find race to simply help one another. We’re human, and our blood will be exactly the shade guys.

This sis make me believe 1 thing. GOD LIVES YOU IS THE GOD FOR HIM TODAY. TQ SIS. . .

For family and my friends. . Stop drink and ride or drive, you may hurt on your own and certainly can kill a few innocent spirit too. . Stop drink and ride or drive. . !!

Thank you for the men and women who help us now. Thankyou a lot and god bless you all. .

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