Like the trail of love … Malaysian Rider help car driver…


“It feels like a ‘trail of love’ because over six years ago we didn’t see each other but met up that night,” said Awg Ku Mohd Yusof Awg Ku Mat Yassin, 25

Awg reacted to the video of a car being towed by two Grab Food riders who stole the attention of the public after it became viral on social sites.

Telling the truth, Awg said that on the day of August 2, he had arrived in Kuching from Lawas, Sarawak and that his visit was due to work.

He said as he was traveling from Kuching International Airport to the petrol station, his vehicle stopped suddenly.

“In fact, I left the car at the airport parking lot since June 16 and went to Kuching to pick up the vehicle and finish work.

“Due to the delay in leaving the vehicle there, the car’s engine could not be switched on but the problem was resolved after getting someone to turn it on with a ‘jumper’ cable.

“However, my car stopped suddenly after driving out of the airport. Initially, I planned to find a rental car but changed my mind by contacting Grab.

“However, I made the mistake of contacting Grab Food and was shocked that one of my riders was my old friend Husnie Sukor,” he said when contacted by Daily Metro.

According to Awg, despite riding his motorcycle, he was amazed that Husnie was reluctant to help until he reached a nearby gas station about two kilometers (km) from the scene.

“I personally don’t know how Husnie and his friends can drive my car even by riding a motorcycle.

“I’m grateful that when I was in an emergency, they came to the rescue even though the meeting was a coincidence and unplanned.

“It makes me even more sad when Husnie refuses to accept the reward for sincerely doing so. I think there is a wisdom behind what happened because at least we met again because all this time we just heard the news on social sites, ”he said, who works as a contractor.

Meanwhile, Husnie, 29, who worked as a Grab Food rider on a part-time basis, said she met Awg while working at a petrol station about seven years ago but had been in a relationship for a while, since they had changed careers.

“Unexpectedly, the incident that night brought us together but I was not one but two other friends, Muhammad Firdaus Ricky Muhammad Zuliskandar Libin, 24 and Syed Muhammad Hadri, 20, also assisted him.

“We are sincerely helping and unexpectedly, our video is delaying Awg’s car on social media.

The story of Husnie and his friend helped Awg steal the attention of the public after his photos and videos were uploaded by Facebook user Azfainizam Tuah, 26.

To date, the ship has received over 260 likes and is shared by 1,200 subscribers.

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