11 Things only Malaysian Girls Who Went to All Girls School Will Understand


1. Female Crushes

The majority of the junior girls are going to have some form of a crush to the elderly girls in faculty. They proceed by the definition of’Admire’ (in the place of smash ) and ship’love letters’ and gift suggestions expressing their’respect’ towards their own mature.

So if a few juniors conquer preoccupied, they start stalking, emulating, and acquire very obsessive within their own mature.

2. Fashion Statements

Unbuckled and also a 3/4 zipped pinafore has been regarded as the trendiest and also the boldest thing to perform in college

A dual edged ear lid makes you a’rock star’. Getting off together with all the prefects and educators throughout the meeting makes the Same a’Superstar’

The period of one’s skirt states a whole good deal about you personally.

3. Menstruational ‘Crisis’

Screaming”does anybody have a mat” Was not bizarre in any way

Faking your time to Prevent PE course was a thing that is standard

4. Screaming in Class was a Norm

You’d somehow get accustomed to high pitched voices

Plus, there will always be at least 1 individual in almost virtually any Class Room PMS-ing at any 1 time period in college — yes, yelling is a standard —

5. Hairstyles

Girls with very short hair tend to be marked as’Lesbians’ and also those women frequently Bring in the’girly’ women (particularly Those who can not seem to carry onto their boyfriends)

6. Can You Keep A Secret?

Girls can’t keep a secret

Nope. Never worked, never !

7. Social Events

Canteen Day,” International Understanding (IU) Day and a number of other co-curricular tasks – cum societal events are probably one of the most exciting afternoon, as that is when guys out of another school in your area would arrive to see.

You and your women head out together to Receive your own hair, Make up and eyebrows completed, wear your college top at the hottest manner, clinic your own smiles, lines — You are only prepared to take around the entire planet

8. Dating a ‘School Rowdy’ was a deal breaker

You adored the most negative boys. Finding your boy out had been included with certain struggle in his faculty was some thing you’d certainly be pleased with — even when he’d got his ass kicked — you and your pals would somehow find him’sexy’.

9. Girls with Hot Brothers

Celebutants — Ladies that accomplishes fame by using their sexy brothers. She’s frequently showered with presents and can be well treated, simply to maintain her good books along with also an’acceptance’.

10. Girls with Big Sisters

You would not trouble getting in to a struggle with all the women who’d sisters at the years preceding — they’re generally taller using much more Back Ups

11. The only Men in School

You fancied the male instructors, even should they looked just like Saruman or even Peter Pettigrew, as there was no testosterone .

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